I was so excited when the guy that I had been crushing on for weeks - the handsome man in my fitness class - asked me out. I knew that we were going to have the best time ever. I knew that the gorgeous man with the perfect body and muscular arms was going to treat me in the best way and that this date was going to be my best date ever. Things don't always turn out like we expect, though, and I was about to be disappointed in a big way. What I had hoped would be the best date turned out to be the worst date, as the man of the dreams became the kind of man I see in my nightmares.

The amazingly fit, beautiful man who I had been crushing on announced that he was taking me to a baseball game. I was a little disappointed, considering the fact that I had imagined the two of us cuddling close at a romantic restaurant, but I was ready to have the best time ever, regardless. A baseball game could be fun in the right company.

Once we arrived at the baseball stadium the man that I thought I loved began to fill himself up with beer. He didn't even ask if I wanted any, he just downed cup after cup while I tried to pay attention to the game. The man got loud and cocky, drawing the attention of other fans. Then, he did something that would forever ruin my opinion of him. The beautiful, amazing man threw up all over me. Out came the beer that he had down, along with the nachos and hot dog. I was a mess, and my tears mixed with the vomit. It was the worst date ever, not the best like I had hoped for.